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Zombies quotes. New research has discovered a type of carpenter ant fungus that native creatures called zombies eat brains so painful jaw between death and a letter clenched. Cases of ants stumbling and falling on the forest floor in Thailand and Brazil Attracts researchers from the University of Penn. They found that the parasitic fungus responsible for the chaotic behavior of some tropical carpenter ants.

Identified sided Psychophysiology, this type of fungus is practically worn carpenter ant's brain, filling the body and the head of a deadly bacteria unfortunate ant and ants lose the integrity of the muscle, turning them into real life by tearing the muscles inside. Carpenter ant's health generally moves a song, but it involved an ant walking blindly because ant fungus attacks the central nervous system. This makes the unit in question will not be returning to the nest, and usually fall to the ground. In the case of carpenter ants in the current study, they tend to live in the high windows of the forest. When attacked by a fungus, is a "green story" of forests, which are ideal conditions for the development and the increasing attacks on ants affected by the fungus.

Deadly fungus impact ants usually lose at noon, where a typical bite death occurs. This occurs when the fungal cells in the ant's head due to the increase in muscle fiber responsible for opening and closing the jaws to fall apart. Thus, the phenomenon which causes tetanus. Lockjaw event usually takes place before his death, when the fungus takes over the ant attacks motor skills, forcing you to bite the main vein of the leaves on the bottom.

Zombies Quotes
zombies quotes