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When you consider inspiring people, one often focuses on people who have overcome great obstacles. In the case of Mother Teresa, the focus should be on it toll.

The Inspiring Life of Mother Teresa

Although known to the world as Mother Teresa, whose real name Agnes Bojaxhiu Gonxhe. Born 26 August 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia, and considered the Albanians. The 18-year-old, he left his family to join the Sisters of Loretta as a nun. The inspiring story of Mother Teresa began to develop in 1950. Did you get permission from the Roman Catholic Church to open a church, which eventually become the Missionaries of Charity. The purpose was to care for the hungry missionary, naked, crippled, homeless people and those that are popular and forget the world. The order had humble beginnings. It started with 13 members in Calcutta, India. Calcutta, and was one of the desperate places in the world, a place that will reduce the most visitors in tears at one point or another during the trip. In other words, this is a perfect place for Mother Teresa to do the work, and with great effect. He did this.

Mother Teresa Quotes at quoteswala - Take time to play, Take time love and be loved take time to give, take the time to read, take time to be friendly, take time to work, it is the fountain to wisdom it is the road of happiness.
Trovaa il tempo per giocare, trova il per amare, ed essere amato, trova il tempo per dare, trova il tempo per leggere, trova il tempo per essere amico, trova il tempo per lavorare. E la fonte della saggezza, e la strada della felicita....
Translatetion: Situated only time to play, finds to love, and be loved, is the time to give, take the time to read, finds time to be a friend, finds the time to work. And the source of wisdom, and the road to happiness....

Prenez le temps de jouer, prenez le temps daimer et detre aime, prenez le temps de donner, prenez le templs de lire, prenez le temps de vous faire des amis, prenez le temps de travailler voici la fontaine de sagesse, voici la route vers le bonheur....
Translation: Take time to play, take time Daimler Deter and love, take the time to take the templs read, take the time to make friends, take the time to work here is the fountain of wisdom, here is the way to happiness ....

Encuentra el tiempo para jugar, encuentra el tiempo para amar u er amado, 
encuentra el tiempo para dar, encuentra el tiempo para leer,
encuentra el tiempo para ser amigo, encuentra el tiempo para trabajar.
es la fuenta de la sabiduria, es el eamino de la felicidad....
Translation: Find the time to play, find the time to love or loved er,
finds the time to give, find time to read,
finds time to be a friend, find the time to work.
is the Fluent of wisdom, is the e amino of happiness ....
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