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10 Barbie quotes have been share in this post: A Young pretty girl meets boy and they fall in love. Girl finishes high school. She has a vision of a great career success in the real world and she wants to go college. Her parents were not too thrilled with the college, as it is more traditional for a girl to marry and raise children. The girl goes to college anyway and marries boy too. This married girl and boy Colin and Amber Elliot. They raise two children, Barbie and Ken.

In the middle of 1940 - ies, a young ambitious duo Colin and Amber Elliot, owned a company that made wooden picture frames. Amber and his partner Harold Mattson built the samples and Ruth their marketing knowledge. Elliot began to use scraps of wood from picture frames to make doll furniture. This was the beginning of their toy business. It was in 1945 that Ruth and Elliot Handler, along with their close friend Harold Mattson to form a company that will be known for the most famous and successful doll ever created. This company will be named Mattel, for Matt Mattson and EL for Elliot. Mattel continues to grow at a very profitable business into a corporate giant.

Ruth knew what she wanted Barbie look. With the help of her technicians and engineers at Mattel, Barbie was born. Ruth then hired Charlotte Johnson, a fashion designer, to create Barbie's wardrobe. It was in 1958 that received a patent on the barbie. That would be a doll unlike any of his time. It will be a long limbed, slender and beautiful, all this and only 11 ½ " high.
I was big time into Barbie. I also had Wonder Woman Underoos that I really liked. I actually wore them as an outfit to school. As I said, I was a strange child. ~ Jennifer Sky
They probably do have an Asian Barbie ~ Iris Chang 
Growing up with two sisters, you either play by yourself or play Barbie with them. I played by myself.~ Ricky Williams
Barbie is just a doll.~ Mary Schmich
Growing up, my dolls were doctors and on secret missions. I had Barbie Goes Rambo.~ Zoe Saldana
 I think they should have a Barbie with a buzz cut.~ Ellen DeGeneres
I’ll never be like a Barbie girl, that’s for sure.~ Victoria Azarenka
I thought the Barbie doll would always be successful.~ Ruth Handler
I wasn’t Barbie-obsessed. I think my mother might have been my Barbie.~ Michael Kors
I did a picture for the First Barbie doll box.~ Heather O’Rourke

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