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Is if you know exactly what the other person will say before they say it. Love is not what makes the world go round, It's what makes the journey worthwhile. Love is like a butterfly. When you hunt for, It will fly away. But if you are patient and sit still long enough, it will end up in your hands. Love quotes are a tickle around the heart that you cannot scratch. Love is when you do not want to go to sleep because reality is better than a dream. May the love you share as timeless as the tides and as deep as the sea.

This day I will marry my best friend, I laugh with, live, dream with, love. There is no work in matters of love, only efforts of great joy. Some people come into our lives, leave traces in our hearts and we are never the same. This thing, and you'll never part, For the gift I am giving to you is all my heart.

Love Quotes

love quotes